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Prompt Merchant Review

Features, Pricing, OTOs

In the world of AI Generated content, Unlock New Business Opportunities by creating and selling prompt. Discover Prompt Merchant! Boost your business revenue by tapping into the mounting the market of AI-generated content, images and creative suggestions for content creation. Say Hello to limitless possibilities for graphics, writing, and artwork. Join us in this review of Prompt Merchant, your gateway to effortlessly creating and selling prompts. Let’s review its features, benefits, and find out if it is the right investment for your business.

YES! I'm Ready For Rapid Growth

What is Prompt Merchant?

Prompt Merchant is an extremely user-friendly software application that is ready to revolutionize the way solopreneurs, freelancers, agencies and businesses create and profit from prompts.

But what exactly are prompts?

Prompts are the text that are entered in the AI content generating software which can generate content, graphics, and artwork effortlessly for anyone. The more strong a prompt is the better quality result you will get.

With Prompt Merchant, you gain immediate access to ready-to-sell prompts which can effortlessly diversifying your income streams while capitalizing on the ever-increasing demand for AI-generated content and images. This opens up limitless possibilities.

But it does not stop there. This app empowers you to take your prompt-selling game to the next level. Personalize and customize prompts to perfection, giving you the competitive edge, you have always wanted.

Why you need Prompt Merchant ?- Official Video

What's more? You can build your own independent prompt store, proudly residing on your domain or subdomain.

Processing payments? Again, this application got you covered with seamless integration options like PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay (which is specifically for Indian clients as it facilities large number of payments options which include UPI too).

There's more! This application allows not just about business-building but also business-boosting because it is packed with SEO optimization and analytics features. What does that mean for you? Higher rankings in search results and the ability to track your prompt store's performance with ease. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, Prompt Merchant a value for money tool that you need to thrive in the booming prompt-selling market.

Important Highlihts of PromptMerchant

Prompt Merchant Review Overview

Prompt Merchant Pricing

PromptMerchant Standard $17

PromptMerchant Agency $27

Entire Bundle $297

Upto 11 Products included in the product bundle

  • Creator: Andrew Merhcant

  • Product Name: Prompt Merchant

  • World's first shopify like prompt store.

  • Free Updates

  • DFY sellable prompts

  • 30 Days Money back gaurantee

  • Effective Support

  • Standard Prompt Merchant $17

  • Entire Bundle $297

  • Cloud hosted, accessible from anywhere

With PromptMerchant, you will own a user-friendly platform for creating and selling prompts. The platform is equipped with smart AI tools that helps you to create and sell prompts for tools like ChatGPT, MidJourney etc to simplify prompt creations

Additionally, you receive 100 ready-to-sell prompts, which help you to kick start your prompt store. You can customize prompts, use your domain, and accept payments hassle-free.

Boost visibility of you store with built-in SEO, track performance with Google Analytics, and drive more traffic with ads.

  • Your own prompt selling store with whitelabel

  • Done for you prompts to jumpstart store

  • Customize or create your own prompt

  • Integrate with payment gateway to start selling

Prompt Selling Store

You can create your own prompt selling store with Prompt merchant in just few clicks. You can even whit label the store with custom domain

DFY Propmpts

Even if you are buying PromptMerchant Standard ($17).

You will get 100 prompts which help you jump start your store

Create Your Own

You don't have to rely on DFY prompts, understand your market and niche and start generating the prompt accordingly to maximize your profilts

Start Selling

You can have 3 payment gateway integration i.e Paypal, Stripe and Razorpay. Razorpay is great for taregting Indian Audience.

Pros and Cons of Prompt Merchant


  • Instant Set Up

  • Ready to Sell prompts to kickstart instantly

  • Integration with AI tools

  • Whitelabel with your custom domain

  • Payment Gateways - Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Only $17 to start

  • Free Updates


  • No EMI option

  • You just can't rely on built in prompt, you must know your niche and must have knowledge to create prompt as per your market needs to make big profits

Lets Review Prompt Merchant Bonuses 

Prompt merchant is offering the limited time bonus for Fast action. It included 7 Bonuses worth $4979. On review we can clearly see that all the bonuses are relevant with the Prompt generation businesses. All these bonuses can act as a catalyst and booster to your prompt generation, which can help you to be next level prompt generator and can help you in separating you from others in the market. 

Promptmerchant review
Promptmerchant Bonus
Promptmerchant Pricing
Prompt merchant Bonuses
Prompt merchant Pricing

Total Worth Of Prompt Merchant Bonus


What you can unlock with PromptMerchant

It's time to stop chasing after freelancers that are unreliable and expensive. Get your own prompt creating and selling store

  • Unlock New Income Stream

  • Supercharge your business with the AI Prompt Merchant – your gateway to creating fresh revenue streams

  • Effortless Prompt Creation

  • Harness the app's cutting-edge AI tools, including ChatGPT, MidJourney, and Stable Diffusion, for effortless prompt generation, perfect for any purpose.

  • Ready To Sell Resources

  • Kickstart your prompt store with 100-300 ready-to-sell prompts and images, propelling your business from day one

  • Take advantage of growing market

  • Tap into the surging demand for AI-generated content and images, connecting with millions of eager users.

  • Craft Personalised Experiences

  • Personalize and customize content and images for your clients, gaining a distinct edge in the market.

  • Seamless Transactions

  • Enjoy seamless payment processing through multiple gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and Razorpay, simplifying order management.

  • Boost your visibility

  • Leverage built-in SEO features, including sitemaps, to secure higher search rankings and attract a flood of new customers.

  • Trackable success

  • Link your prompt store with Google Analytics to monitor performance and use advertising to drive a torrent of traffic.

  • No Technical skills needed

  • Designed with simplicity in mind, even beginners can effortlessly set up a prompt store and start selling. Don't delay, start your journey to selling high-quality prompts today with Prompt Merchant!

    Get Started with Prompt Selling

    About Creator

    Prompt Merchant Review - Creator Andrew Darius

    Meet Mr. Andrew Darius is an AI Expert and an AIpreneur in the realm of business growth and innovation. With his extensive experience, he has adapted his winning strategies to the world of AI, simplifying its utilization for fellow entrepreneurs like yourself. As the founder of multiple AI-powered applications, he is also bringing his over two decades of copywriting expertise and experience to the table. During the last two decades, his journey has seen me serve a remarkable 57,000 customers, personally sell over 207,000 digital products, and contribute to the sale of an additional 90,000 products as an affiliate. 

    Some of his notable products include Prompt Strongbox for ChatGPT, LinkSeam, PitchKickstart for ChatGPT, Scriptdio, Videnton, VSL Maker, Selling Pages, Photo Animator, Motioney, Funnelity, Explaindio Video Bundle, NewscatterVocalizer, etc.

    Such a great background of a creator gives a strong confidence to the buyer that Prompt merchant is a quality product which customer can trust

    Prompt Merchant Pricing & One Time Offers Reviews

    Front End PromptMerchant Price

    As part of founder special deal, there are two very affordable plans. PromptMerchand Standard and PromptMerchant Agency.

    Standard Plan - $17 Only offers 100 DFY Prompts & listings

    Agency Plan - $27 Only offers 300 DFY Prompts & listings

    Such low prices with 30 days money back guarantee makes this product totally worth the investment because as a solopreneur, freelancer, agency or business owner, you can have experience the great exposure and hands-on on the product and find out how this product can help your goals and cashflow to increase faster.

    This is the complete risk free Investment 

    Upsell #1: PromptMerchant PRO $47

    This upgrade include more features, customization options and sales boosters than front end product. To add more selling features this upgrade includes:

    • Custom Subdomain
    • 3 Extra shop templates
    • features prompt
    • Whatsapp module
    • QR Code
    • Categories
    • Google Analytics
    • Bulk Prompt import
    • Upgrade to 1000 prompt list
    • 30 Days money back guarantee

    Upsell #2: Beyond Imagination: Midjourney Graphics AI Virtual Live Masterclass - $47

    This is the live master class with the creator itself Andrew Darius. This live class includes:

    • Unlock the Secrets: Master Midjourney v5, Methods, and Monetization – All in One Epic Event! 
    • Dare to dream: Turbocharge yout AI marketing skills with Andrew at our unforgettable live event
    • Exclusive AI marketing community
    • Special Bonus - how to make your own talking avatar and add it to your video

    Upsell #3: Beyond Imagination Live Masterclass VIP Upgrade - $47

    • Extra Day Of The Event
    • Exclusive Access To VIP Sessions
    • Create Your Own Style
    • Midjourney Photography
    • Demi-God/SuperHero parameter
    • Create sellable Posters
    • Explore creation of stickers, die cuts, vector graphics, logos etc
    • Master art of Typography
    • 7 ways to make $1,000 with Midjourney
    • Ask Questions & Get Answers Live
    • Permanent Access To All Summit Sessions
    • Must-Have Cheat Sheets
    • Pro Notes For Every Session
    • Audio Recordings For Every Session

    Upsell #4: PromptMerchant Whitelabel - $297

    This upgrade includes:

    • Custom Domains
    • Deep store customization
    • Customer Panel Access
    • Priority Support
    • Upgrade to 10,000 Prompt listing

    Upsell #5: PromptMerchant Profit Club (there are 2 downsales to half and quarter of the club) - $297

    This is the ultimate upgrade which aims to skyrocket you sales with the PromptMerchant Prompt profit club. You will get 6000 stunning prompts with Images, Save $1800 on midjourney Pro plan costs and free up 1000 hours of your time. This membership helps you to outshine the competition and enjoy hands-free sales automation. 

    Original price of this membership is $11800 or $999/Month which is given to you $297 for lifetime as part of this one time offer.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Everything you need to know

    + Is there a monthly fee to use PromptMerchant?

    Currently, PromptMerchant membership is being offered with a one off payment on this page. We plan to switch to a recurring membership model in future, when new customers will pay a monthly fee for software use. BUT anyone that orders now is grandfathered so you will never be billed again.

    + In which plan custom domain and subdomains are included?

    Ullam qui culpa officiis quo accusamus et numquam. Non dolor exercitationem expedita et rerum. In corporis delectus et magnam rerum. Et maxime natus sed aut temporibus dolor qui.

    + Do I have to install PromptMerchant on my computer?

    No, PromptMerchant is cloud software so you do not need to install anything on your computer.

    + How much do updates cost?

    All PromptMerchant 1.x updates are FREE for the duration of the license. :)

    + Is ordering completely risk free?

    Of course. At any point in the next 30 days, you decide PromptMerchant is not right for you, simply send us your receipt and we'll promptly send you a refund. You will, however, lose access to your PromptMerchant account.

    + Do you include step by step instructions?

     Yes, we provide a detailed step by step tutorial.

    + How do I get support?

    Easy! Just visit us at PromptMerchant.com/support.html